Sports Nutrition IV

Performance and recovery are critical to the success of athletes and IV’s can help to quickly and effectively aid the body in preparing for and recovering from athletic events. Athletes require lots of minerals and vitamins to replenish the biochemical pathways that are utilized during vigorous activities. And athletes are commonly deficient in calcium, vitamin D, iron, B-vitamins, zinc, magnesium, amino acids and many antioxidants including vitamin C, Vitamin E and selenium. It can be difficult to eat enough of a balanced and nutrient-dense diet in order to replenish all of these vitamins and minerals. IV therapy is one way to ensure these minerals are replaced to keep the body energized for the next training session or athletic event.

At Holistique, we identify the IV that is right for the athlete and their particular training regimen. We support athletes prior to and during training for an athletic event, as well as post-training events and recovery.

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