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We take great pride in our ability to provide unique and tailored treatment options to each of our patients. The following are actual comments and testimonials we have received from our patients as they have gone through their transformation to wellness. Your results may vary depending on your condition.

Dr. Darvish and her medical team have given me my life back. I suffered for years from chronic illness and now I feel whole again. Thanks to Dr. Darvish’s diagnoses of chronic lyme disease followed by supportive treatments and recommendations my body has healed and I feel strong again. I am so grateful for her knowledge and care. Everyone deserves such dedication to a healthy mind and body.

Lisa, Redmond, WA

OMG!!! Thank you SO MUCH!

The injections of my scars you did...have been revolutionary for my body!!!

I have not had a headache and I've had both tea AND coffee - with NO HEADACHE!!!

I feel so much joy and gratitude to have a breakthrough. You are a miracle in my life!!! Thank you and god bless you.

Deborah - New York

Thanks so much for treating our precious daughter for her allergies. She has stopped itching and her hives are gone. She can finally sleep at night.


This is an absolute miracle for me. There are simply no words to describe what it is like to finally find a solution and relief from this chronic condition.


You saved my life!

Pat B.

Thank you!! You have helped us tremendously!! It's truly changing our lives for the better. You're the best!


Truly it's hard to imagine my life currently and for the past several years without the loving care and kindness of Dr. Darvish and her staff. As a long time patient, my life as a 70 year old, I know for sure, is so much healthier and happier because of the care I receive at Holistique Medical Center. Here I know there are people there that truly care about me! Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, I feel nurtured and nourished. I am most grateful for this kind of continued positive care and environment! I'm always most happy to refer my friends and family to Holistique Medical Center!


Thanks for giving me my life back to enjoy.


Thank you for the kind and caring way you have been taking care of me. I will always come back when I'm in town. Till then I'll miss you


The approach to my health care received at Holistique Medical Center focuses on my wellness from a comprehensive perspective. I appreciate and respond to this focus on prevention through changes in lifestyle which enhances my overall health, and have seen positive results, both physically and mentally. Thank you for providing such wonderful care in a warm, caring environment.

Weldon, University of Washington

Dr Nooshin Darvish is a gifted and caring practitioner. Her diagnostic skills and compassion get to the source of the problem.


These results are the individual experiences of these patients, your results may vary depending on your condition.