What is it?
Reiki is a form of energy healing medicine that originated in Japan. It promotes relaxation and stress reduction and addresses the receiver’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing needs. Receivers are fully clothed during a Reiki session and typically lay down on a treatment table. Reiki involves very light touch from the Reiki practitioner’s hands, placed over specific energy centers of the body. Personal experiences of receiving Reiki vary from person to person. Some people become deeply relaxed and fall asleep. Some people feel a sense of calm and peace. Others experience a warm, radiant energy flowing throughout their body. Other people experience a lucid dream state and see images and colors with their eyes closed.

What does it do?
Reiki is safe for all people, all ages and in all states of health. Reiki relaxes the receiver so that the body can begin to heal on its own, naturally. Reiki supports healthy immune function, speeds injury and wound healing, reduces pain and muscle tension, eases symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression and balances and energizes the body and mind.

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