Ozone Therapy: Perfect for Health!

What therapy heals DNA, regenerates cells and tissues, detoxifies toxins, protects nerve and brain cells, stimulates immune response, modulates autoimmunity, repairs damaged proteins, and kills infections and possibly cancer cells? Ozone therapy!

Discovered in 1840’s by a German-Swiss chemist, Christian Friedrich Schonbein, ozone therapy is probably one of the greatest therapeutic discoveries in medicine, yet it goes unrecognized in most conventional medical practices. Ozone therapy encompasses a multitude of positive benefits including: the power to heal and regenerate cells, reduce inflammation, protect cells from oxidative stress including cancer, balance hormones, and treat chronic and acute infections.

Furthermore, ozone therapy increases glutathione peroxidase levels and other anti-oxidants, induces the production of phase II liver enzymes to eliminate toxins, reduces iron overload especially in elevated ferritin and inflammation, repairs damaged proteins and DNA, and protects against cancer induced oxidative stress. The up-regulation of the immune function to fight infections as well as modulating immune response in autoimmune diseases exemplify the multi-dimensional effects of ozone therapy.

Modern research has begun to prove ozone’s healing power on neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, and Parkinson’s through neuro-protection from oxidative damage and reducing brain inflammation. In many ways, ozone therapy effects the body similar to moderate exercise and caloric restrictions through increasing longevity and improving overall health, mental function and immune status.

Research shows ozone’s potential capacity to reverse diabetes mellitus, improve vascular diseases, and hormone related conditions, including menopause, PMS, and andropause. Furthermore, research on chronic infections such as lyme disease, hepatitis, and HIV, demonstrates ozone’s therapeutic benefits.

Today, ozone therapy is also used to regenerate arthritic joints and injured tendons as well as to heal herniated discs and chronic and acute pain. Biological dentists use ozone therapy to treat infections in jaw bone. Because of its ability to modulate immune response, reduce inflammation, heal DNA damage, and much more, it is proving itself beneficial as an adjunctive cancer therapy for many cancers including glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor. Ozone therapy furthermore, can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation while optimizing their benefits.

Ozone should never be inhaled as it damages lung alveolar cells. Research on ozone injected into joints, tendons, and muscles or mixed with patient’s blood and re-injected (ozone autohemotherapy), or used as vaginal or rectal insufflation, demonstrate safety depending on the specific dosage of ozone used.

Below references provide links to some of the research papers currently available on the benefits and safety of ozone therapy for various conditions.

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