OligoScan measures heavy metals and minerals

The oligoScan is a new technology we are utilizing at Holistique that measures the amount of trace elements and heavy metals in the tissues of your body. Metals and minerals have their own individual signature when exposed to light, and the OligoScan detects them by measuring the light refraction, reflection and absorption.

Heavy metals are a toxin and burden to the body. The OligoScan can be used to determine recent or chronic exposure to heavy metals and can be used to monitor changes and improvements. The device also measures the mineral deficiencies and helps us to individualize a treatment plan that corrects these deficiencies and works best for you.

The test itself takes only a few minutes and involves a quick scan of your hand. The OligoScan requires blood type testing prior to the procedure, unless you already know your blood type. A complete report of heavy metal exposure/toxicity is generated which your doctor will review with you.


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