Nutrition Medicine

Nutritional Counseling

Our nutritional counseling is personalized based on your genetics, health status, symptoms, metabolic type, blood type, food intolerances, and activity level. Proper nutrition, the correct types, and amounts of foods are important in achieving optimal wellness and fighting disease through anti-aging medicine.

The following is a brief description of some of the types of analysis that are involved when guiding you towards the correct type of diet at Holistique.

Metabolic Typing

Extensive research by William Wolcott, Ph.D., has determined that one of the branches of the Autonomic Nervous System tends to dominate a patient’s nervous system. Based on a subjective test taken by the patient, we are able to determine if the Sympathetic Nervous System (flight or fight) or the Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest and digest) dominates your metabolic rate.

We also determine the rate of Cellular Oxidation, slow versus fast, which dictates the macronutrients that the body requires to convert food into energy. There are generally three “types” of metabolisms: protein, carbohydrate, and mixed. Once your metabolic type is identified and you begin eating correctly for your type, you naturally lose weight, feel an increase in energy, and an improvement in your general health.

Blood Type Diets

Peter D’Adamo’s years of research highlight how genetic inheritance relates to an individual’s needs for specific foods. In a study involving 7,000 people who followed the diet based on their blood type for four weeks or longer, 75% had a decrease in their symptoms and improved overall health.

The four blood types–A, B, O, and AB–are determined by antibodies and lectins on the red blood cells. Based on the consumption of certain foods, the antibodies for each blood type may cause an immune response in the body and lead to chronic illness and inflammation. When there is a disease process in place, a shift in the diet may be required to get you back into balance. Our Holistique physicians can determine which type of diet you should be on.

Food Pharmacy

Our physicians use Food Pharmacy software as a guide to help counsel you on your specific nutritional needs and eating habits. Food Pharmacy allows your physician to input relevant patient data and creates an individualized nutrition plan. Your height, weight, lean body mass, wrist measurement, specific nutrient needs, organs requiring support, medical diagnosis/symptoms and other pertinent information are recorded and analyzed. The report generated determines the amount of food consumption, specific foods, and nutrients necessary for optimum health and wellness.

Personal Shopper Program

Our personal shopper will guide you through an hour of grocery shopping! This is a great service to help you find alternatives that will suit your special prescription diet and learn the health benefits of organic foods.

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