NanoVi Technology

Eng3 NanoVi Exo™ Technology

Holistique Naturopathic Medical Center, located in Bellevue WA, is excited to offer the ultimate drug-free, non-pharmaceutical innovation to support health, performance, and healthy aging by offering Eng3 NanoVi Exo™.

How it Works

NanoVI™ technology uses the special properties of water (exclusion zone or EZ water) to influence protein folding, which in turn improves cellular function. Water droplets in a humidified airstream are exposed to a specific bio-identical signal as they pass through excitation units inside the NanoVi™ device. This is then inhaled via a nasal cannula.

Health and Prevention by Reducing Oxidative Stress

Whether addressing illness or maximizing vitality and quality of life, improving cellular activity is essential. Improved cellular activity helps counteract the damage of oxidative stress, which is implicated in the aging process and most diseases. Since the incidence of chronic disease is on the rise, reducing oxidative stress damage is increasingly important for health and performance.

Sports and Performance

NanoVi Exo™ technology is one of the most advanced ways to optimize performance. Benefits such as: faster regeneration, sharper concentration, stronger immunity for intense training, quicker reflexes and better utilization of nutrients are reported by athletes and trainers.

Increase Cellular Activity for Wellness and Healthy Aging

NanoVi’s Exo™ approach relies on a unique way of influencing cellular activities to support health and help slow the aging process at the cellular level. Whether the goal is to look great, remain vital well into old age, or both, healthy cellular activity is key.

To optimize cellular activity improvement, our Holistic physicians combine the use of this innovative NanoVi Exo™ technology by combining it with other treatments such as Hyperbaric Chamber, Blood Ozone Therapy and IV Treatments.

To learn more about how NanoVi Exo™ technology boosts a naturally occurring biological repair process to improve cellular activities in general, contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our Naturopathic Doctors.


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