Herbal Tea Recipe for the Lungs

As the colder weather sets and the smoke lifts, the cold and flu season moves in. The stress of the viruses, the smoke and the colder weather takes a toll on our respiratory system.  To protect themselves from these environmental conditions, our lungs respond by producing mucous along with the cough reflex to expectorate these environmental invaders.  Should you find yourself afflicted with a respiratory infection or irritation, here are two tea recipes to assist you in breathing easier.

Wet or productive cough:

1 Tbs peppermint leaves – loosens mucus.

2 tsp mullein leaves – expectorant

1 tsp hyssop leaves – antispasmodic and loosens mucus.

1-2 tsp elderberries – high in vitamin c and anthocyanins to help inflammation.

Add to a cup of boiling water and cover for 5 min, then enjoy. Drink this frequently throughout the day for continual relief. 

Dry or irritated cough:

1 Tbs nettle leaves – anti- inflammatory to help sinuses and allergies.

1 inch of ginger root – anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial to soothe throat.

1 tsp *licorice root – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial. 

1 slice of lemon – vitamin c, astringent and antibacterial.

1 pinch of cayenne – soothes irritation and pain

Dollop of honey – antimicrobial, soothing.  

Add to a cup of boiling water and cover for 5 min, then enjoy.  Drink through the day as needed. 

*Caution if you have high blood pressure as licorice root may increase your pressure.  

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Marit Zimmerman, ND

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