European Biological Medicine

European Biological Medicine is based on the principles of homotoxicology. Homotoxins are substances which can cause ill health in humans. They can be chemical/biochemical, physical, and mental in nature. Homotoxins can originate internally or be introduced from outside. Some examples include toxins and toxicity, allergens and inflammation, infections and immune imbalances, digestive disorders, and stress. Some of the key aspects of this style of medicine include detoxification, improving digestive function and strength, improving the immune system, and optimizing organ function.

At the core, European Biological Medicine offers a system for which the provider can understand the deeper levels of imbalance that can predispose a patient to experience recurrent infections, inflammation, or toxicities.

The focus of this style of medicine involves targeting and correcting organ system dysfunction at the underlying layer, rather than just treating surface level individual symptoms. This style of medicine uses therapeutic drainage remedies, homeopathic medications to bring harmony to the system, herbal medicine, neural therapy, and other therapies to treat the patient.


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