Conditions We Treat

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Combining the science of western medicine with the wisdom of eastern medicine, our approach to your health emphasizes wellness and seeks to address the root causes of illness, not merely the symptoms. The conditions we commonly address with personalized treatment plans focused on your health and well-being are:

Andropause (low testosterone) and other Men's health concerns

(environmental + food)

Cardiovascular disease

Depression & mood disorders

Diabetes/metabolic syndrome

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Menopausal symptons and other Women's Health concerns

IBS/Digestive disorders

Chronic Fatigue & low energy

Hormone imbalance

Inflammatory conditions/ arthritis

Migraines & headaches

Chronic Pain & Anxiety

Neurological disorders (MS, Parkinson's disease)

Skin conditions

Sleep & insomnia


Injuries (Car accidents, athletic and others)

Chronic and acute infections

Nutrient deficiencies & Weight management

Autoimmune Disease

Respiratory conditions

Bone Health

Alopecia and other types of hair loss

Methylation and genetic mutations

Musculoskeletal pain & injuries