Foraging For Your Health

By Marit Zimmerman, ND / May 2, 2022 /

Spring has sprung and with it, seasonal allergies. What else has sprung, nettles! Stinging nettles (Urtica dioica) grow aplenty in the PNW and you may know them from the “sting”…

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LDA (Low Dose Allergen Therapy) & LDI (Low Dose Immunotherapy)

By Jennifer Grushon ND / May 7, 2021 /

LDA & LDI are treatment options that will be available in the near future at Holistique. They both have a goal to calm or modulate, an overactive immune system. When…

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Make Your Own Herb-Infused Raw Local Honey for Allergy Season

By Marit Zimmerman, ND / March 11, 2021 /

There are so many healthy properties to raw honey. It contains bee pollen and propolis, enzymes, and other micronutrients (including B-vits, calcium, magnesium, zinc to name just a few) that…

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Healing Emotional Pain though Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine

By Khairul Bhagwandin, LAC, EAMP / February 11, 2021 /

Maintaining a healthy heart can sometimes seem like an overwhelming process, but there are a few simple ways to bring balance and wellness to this vital part of our lives.…

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The Marvelous Benefits of EGCG (Green Tea Extract)

By Marit Zimmerman, ND / February 10, 2021 /

Epigallocatechin-3-gallate, (EGCG) is a compound found in many foods. EGCG is a catechin – a particular type of flavonoid most often found in tea, cocoa, and berries. Some of its…

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Hair Health – Why am I shedding like a chinchilla?

By Marit Zimmerman, ND / February 4, 2021 /

A patient came in recently and said they are losing “gobs” of hair in the shower. Upon physical examination of the scalp, there were no visible signs of thinning, nor…

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Detoxification vs Depuration

By Marit Zimmerman, ND / January 6, 2021 /

New Year, New You, right?! That’s how the saying goes, but there is a bit more complexity and education required for radical change other than this commonly used phrase at…

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How to find your Visit Summaries in Patient Portal

By Charles Cooper / December 15, 2020 /

Many of Holistique’s patients use the ChARM patient portal to see their clinic data and communicate with their providers. Recently, ChARM made some changes to the user experience, and consequently,…

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By Nooshin K. Darvish, ND / November 17, 2020 /

Dear Friends of Holistique: Your safety, health, and continued medical care and attention are of great importance to us here at Holistique. Therefore, as part of our continued effort in…

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Lyme Disease: An Epidemic No One is Talking About

By Nooshin K. Darvish, ND / August 17, 2020 /
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