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Healthy Festive Cocktail Recipe

By Marit Zimmerman, ND / December 14, 2022 /

A Festive December Mocktail for Your Health Cranberries abound this time of year and it’s hard to miss those beautiful round rubies. They make a beautiful addition to any festive…

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Hawthorne Syrup: Good for the Heart

By Marit Zimmerman, ND / November 7, 2022 /

November is hawthorn berry season when they are perfectly ripe for picking. Hawthorne (Crateagus spp.) grows as a tree and shrub that is found throughout temperate regions of the northern…

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Herbal Tea Recipe for the Lungs

By Marit Zimmerman, ND / October 10, 2022 /

As the colder weather sets and the smoke lifts, the cold and flu season moves in. The stress of the viruses, the smoke and the colder weather takes a toll on…

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September Recipe – Infused Apple Cider Vinegar

By Marit Zimmerman, ND / September 11, 2022 /

Fall is fast approaching but summer is still here.  Gardens are exploding with delicious fruits and veggies to harvest and enjoy, and this includes herbs.  Herbs are full of micronutrients,…

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Antioxidant Berry Pie

By Marit Zimmerman, ND / August 7, 2022 /

Who doesn’t love pie, especially when the fruit is ripe for the picking. This berry pie is packed with antioxidant-rich berries, making it delicious and nutritious. Why use berries? These…

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Fuel Power Balls On The Go!

By Marit Zimmerman, ND / June 6, 2022 /

Summer is fast approaching (at least we hope it is in the soggy PNW). T’is the season to get outside, move the body and do fun physical activities. Fun activities…

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