Botanical Medicine

Plants have been successfully used in medicine for thousands of years. Modern herbal (botanical) medicine combines time-tested medical wisdom with modern analytical, processing methods and research to provide the most effective prescription dosage for many different types of illnesses.

When properly formulated and accurately prescribed, botanical medicines can work in harmony to produce multiple actions across several body systems. This promotes healing with minimal side effects.
At Holistique, all of our physicians are well versed in herbal medicine, which may be prescribed based on your individual needs.

Q&A: Integrative  Naturopathic Medicine

Pharmaceutical vs. Herbal

Many prescription pharmaceutical medications are derivatives of the active components of herbs. Nature has provided us with herbs that contain both active medicinal components as well as supporting components that diminish side effects.

Because prescription medications single out an individual herbal component without the other supporting components of the herb, side effects are significantly greater in pharmaceutical medications.

Herbal medicines are extremely powerful and need to be prescribed by a knowledgeable physician. In some cases, herbs can be more powerful and effective than pharmaceutical medications. In chronic Lyme disease, for instance, herbal anti-microbials are more effective than antibiotics for many individuals.

Nature has also supplied the herbs with life-force energy. When accurately matched to the human and his condition, the healing power is significantly increased.

Forms of Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines can be formulated into several forms: alcohol or glycerin-based tinctures, standardized capsules, powder, dried whole herb, or fresh herb. Different forms provide different amounts and ratios of the active medicinal component.


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