Sweat and Hydration

By Holistique / July 12, 2019 /

Let’s take a moment to talk about sweat. This may not be a very glamorous topic and typically we rush home after workouts to rinse off. Sweat contains not only…

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smiling man receiving acupuncture treatment on his earlobes

Acupuncture: Why not make it part of your monthly routine?

By Holistique / November 28, 2017 /

Men, this message is for you (and ladies if you are reading this, share this with the men in your life). Once a month, give acupuncture 45 minutes of your time. …

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Holiday Recipes in Need of a Makeover?

By Holistique / November 28, 2017 /

Do you love to cook or bake for the holidays? Do you have a favorite family recipe that you just love but needs a bit of fine tuning with increasing…

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Holistique Updates in the New Year

By Holistique / January 20, 2017 /

Welcome to the New Year and our new staff members! Happy New Year everyone! Join me in welcoming the new members of our incredible staff. Some of you may have…

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