Allergy Elimination

Needle-Free Allergy Desensitization (NFAD)

Needle-free allergy desensitization (NFAD) is a non-invasive, needle-less technique using acupuncture points and spinal manipulation to desensitize individuals to allergies and sensitivities. It is a modified version of NAET and NMT techniques. Acupuncture points are stimulated using acupressure, acupuncture, needle-free acupuncture or cold laser while the patient holds the allergen for 10-25 minutes to clear individuals suffering from environmental, food, hormonal, or chemical and metal sensitivities.

Conditions we commonly treat with NFAD

Many of the following conditions are related to a reaction to some type of substance and therefore, can be treated with NFAD. Some of the following conditions may require NFAD in conjunction with other supportive therapies, such as Ondamed, diet and nutrition counseling, nutrient supplementation, or detoxification for a complete elimination of symptoms.

AddictionsEmphysemaLow back pain
AlcoholismFainting spellsMental confusion/disorientation
Allergic-rhinitisFatigueMenstrual disorders
AllergiesFeverMood swings
Allergy to over the counter drugsFibromyalgiaMucous production
Allergy to prescription drugsForgetfulnessMuscle spasms
Angina (chest pain)GallstonesNeck aches
Appetite loss or gainGas (colon)Numbness
ArthritisGastric distressObsessive behavior
AsthmaHair lossPain, unexplained
Bad breathHay feverPMS/PMD
Bed wettingHeadachePost-nasal drip
BloatingHeadache (Cluster)Psoriasis
Breast swellingHeadache (Dull)Restless Legs
BronchitisHeadache (Migraine)Restlessness
BulimiaHeadache (Vascular)Respiratory infections
CaffeineHeart irregularitiesRinging in ears
CoffeeHemorrhoidsShortness of breath
Colds & Cough (frequent)HepatitisSinusitis
ColitisHivesSkin problems
ConstipationHyperactivity (of children)Sneezing
CoughHypertension (high blood pressure)Sore throat
CrampingIleo-caecal valve SyndromeSwelling
Decreased sex driveIndigestionTingling sensation
DiarrheaInfertilityUrinary tract disorders
DiverticulitisInfluenzaVision disturbances
DizzinessInsomniaWeight loss or gain
Drug abuseIrritabilityYeast infections
Drug dependencyItching
Dry mouthJaundice
Duodenal ulcerJoint pain
Ear infectionskeratosis
Eating disordersLactose Intolerance
Eczema Edema (fluid retention)Laryngitis


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